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Feb 5, 2013 8:00pm EST
direction to help make life work for more families. another step we can take is on taxes. there's a lot of talk about taxes in washington right now. for most families, tax preparation is hard and is time-consuming. this time of year especially. think about it. think what they're going through. what tax form are you supposed to fill out? is it more beneficial to file jointly or as a married couple or separately? is a truck or gas mileage deductible? are you forgetting something the irs will give you credit for? and in 1935, the form 1040 was accompanied by a two-page instruction booklet. today, taxpayers have to wade through over 100 total pages of instructions. just filling out a w4 at a knew job is confusing. you really shouldn't need a work sheet to see how many dependents you have. chairman dave camp and his committee are already underway in their efforts to responsibly rewrite the nation's tax laws, as an education policy, health care and all else, tax reform should reflect the priority of working families, and the future they're trying to shape for their kids. if nothing else,
Feb 6, 2013 8:00pm EST
to say hey, i'm getting a call from the irs and they are wanting my tax money. because i haven't signed up for their insurance program. second, we will not administer medicaid through utah's health exchange. they want to maintain a clear separation between an approach in the private sector and providing opportunities for the private sector as a postal welfare-based system. not that they are not important aspects but we think there should be a clear separation between those two approaches. we want our exchange to remain focused on the core mission of creating competition and choice in the insurance marketplace. those who are in need again we recognize their people out there who have access and the right and it need an medicaid is maybe one of the answers but we believe that should be done separately and not by our exchange. third, you too administer the premium tax credit through our exchange. there is the number a number of reasons why we decided not to do that. one, we pride ourselves on -- in utah in being fiscally prudent. and i wish washington had that same pride which they c
Jan 31, 2013 8:00pm EST
provision of the affordable care act this looks like a massive tax increase in you combine those into a single piece of legislation suddenly looks attractive. is the exact same dynamic and that is why we should encourage a more piecemeal approach and why unfortunate we didn't get more progress. the question is who are the roadblocks to the progress and it would have been good if some of the advocates of high skills recognize that i made a lot of noise about it but their feeling was let's put aside. >> i worry about the guestworker program. you need to deal with future flows. you can just take all the undocumented workers and give them a the legal -- because you don't do anything to remove the magnet from illegal immigration in five or 10 down -- years down the road you are dealing with the same thing. with the afl-cio and some unions and left-leaning groups opposed to expanding the guestworker program i worry that the blanket pathways to citizenship or legal status where the want to call it and leave the guestworker part out of it and we don't solve any problem and gave politics are j
Feb 7, 2013 8:00pm EST
loopholes that some corporation uses to avoid taxes by shifting income outside of the united states. i've worked with colleagues and in the senate on suggested solutions. i will continue to do so and your clarion call here this morning, hope it will encourage all of to us work in any way we took avoid sequestration. you've -- yesterday you spoke at georgetown announced a series of steps the department will have to take almost immediately with respect to deployments, maintenance, contracts, other obligations if the congress and the president don't act soon to address the issue. we've received memoranda from other certainly depth officials laying out steps that would have the to be taken if sequestration is not avoided. can you give us a timetable? you already announced some actions that you're taking, which you're putting in place now so that even if we can avoid sequestration, and in the next few days or a week from now or two weeks from now, some things are being taken even before the end of february and before we know whether we can avoid sequestration. can you tell us, first of all, wh
Feb 8, 2013 8:00pm EST
government promised to do that they're not doing searches tax allowances. isn't the truth that this is about political calculation rather than anything to do with principle? [shouting] >> the honorable gentleman and i will disagree on this. we are doing this very clearly as an important part that we can make this a fair place to live. the measure was clearly side up with qualities at the time of election and what a day to say is we will continue to work with our colleagues in northern ireland to make sure we have the right recognition for english and welsh marriages in the northern ireland part of the united kingdom as well. i give way to the honorable member. >> i'm grateful to the secretary of state talking about protections in the bill. we've had the case of mr. adrian smith who lost his job he spent an enormous amount of money in legal fees and had a 40% cut in a salary making a private comment. how are we going to protect people like mr. smith working in the public sector in this country? >> my honorable friend who i know takes a deep interest in these matters is entirely right to
Feb 4, 2013 8:30pm EST
health care, prescription drug benefits for seniors, he wanted no tax cuts until the debt was paid down. so, mr. mayor, it's not just new york that -- [inaudible] and had a lot of other interesting things. he still wanted to give young people a second chance. he used to say he was a liberal but he was sane. which was another saying of i believe in government you have to look at the impact of this. i don't think i ever debated to discuss agreed with, anybody in this line of work who had a better feel for the impact of what people in government did on the real life of people. he could imagine what life was like. one of his great second chance ideas was that there ought to be a universal scouting program for america. for really young people and i had been out in montana and meeting with people in had 4-h and i said if every kid was in america was in 4-rbgs h we would half the letter. e said we would have far less than half. you should get behind the scouting proposal. we reconnect to the mainstream of life by giving him something positive to be a part of it. he wrote a ton of books. .
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6